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ICS is a truly unique international consulting firm, specializing in working with international entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business portfolio by becoming a franchisee for top, U.S. based franchises. Our expertise includes working with Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchisors, and beyond. Our reach has no category boundaries. We understand the value of customized franchise matching while offering a complete and comprehensive service which limits our client's involvement.

Our success is a result of a twofold business model approach. We work directly with prospective franchisees as well as with clients referred by regional international franchise consultants. This combines our strengths to achieve our objective: to secure a franchise agreement for our client.

As an international franchise consulting company we work to establish clear parameters based on market preferences, investment criteria, professional skills, and goals for financial returns.

ICS matches international franchise candidates with U.S. based franchisors by thoroughly reviewing each candidate's interest, experience, finances and long term financial goals. We possess a strong knowledge of franchise rules, disclosure laws, and regulations in a broad base of countries, wordwide. We help people find the right franchise business that best fits their unique personality, background and experience.