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Working closely with our prospective franchisee clients, be it directly or through their regional franchise consulting firm, provides a hands-on approach to achieving success with a minimal amount of time and expense.

The establishment of U.S. based franchises are not only much sought after by prospective international franchisees, but the opening of new world markets are welcomed by franchisors as well. Through our franchisor relationships and their eagerness to work with a domestic (U.S.) franchise consulting firm, ICS commands a distinct advantage. Our dedicated high level of communication between all parties involved in the franchise process, as well as the broad spectrum of services we provide, is an equation for success.

We represent the franchisee and thus only their best interests are our focus. All negotiations with the franchisor are designed to accentuate that point.

Some of the services we provide to our clients include:

  • Franchise recommendations by category
  • Detailed franchisee presentation to franchisor
  • Franchise Profile
  • Business Plan
  • Franchise Disclosure
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Work through the franchise process from its inception to completion